Sequoia McDowell

Programmer, Educator

Hello There!

My name's Sequoia, I'm a Free Software developer and educator, and you can find out a bit about what I do here on this website!

Out of respect for your privacy, I do not use google analytics or other third party scripts that track you on my site. This means that I have no idea that you've visited unless you tell me (site hosted on github). So if you read an article and liked it, tell me so using one of the methods above! I'm also happy to accept comments via email-- send 'em & I'll tack 'em onto the post.

Blog Posts

Let's Code It: The `debug` Module

What if, instead of commenting out or deleting our useful log statements when we're not using them, we could turn them on when we need them and off when we don't? The `debug` module lets us do that-- but how does it work? Let's find out!

Type Hinting in JavaScipt

What type is this object, what properties does it have, what arguments does this function take... there's a lot I don't miss about writing Java full-time, but boy do I miss this! Can we get these type hints in JavaScript? Let's find out!

Higher Order Functions in ES6: Easy as a => b => c;

New language features can make an expression that was cumbersome to write in ES5 easy in ES6, enabling and encouraging the use of this type of expression. We’re going to look at one such case here: how arrow functions make it easier to write higher-order functions in ES6.

Building to Github Pages with Grunt

Wherein I document my Grunt+github-pages+bookmarklet build which required templating, switching branches, rebasing, commit, and all sorts of craziness.

Fun With Toilet

Shell feeling shabby? Spice things up with Toilet, the ASCII generator!

LoLshield Sequencer

How do you encode animations for a 9x14 LED matrix? By building a web-app, of course!