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Can get any worse? Yes it can!

I read an article on medium about buffered channels in go and had a question, so I created an account with a google mail account to post my question. Quoth

Publishing from your account is currently limited due to account newness, incomplete profile, or inactivity. Please complete your profile, and use Medium more to unlock publishing. Any posts or responses have been saved to your draft folder and will be available when you’re able to publish.

This is the reward I get for creating an account and sharing my email address with So now they can track me on their site and link it to my email, but I still cannot ask an author a question. Another great reason not to use walled gardens like!

What do you "take"?

Is there any logic to what you “take” in English? When my Brazilian coworkers say they will “take” an espresso, I explain you can “get” or “buy” an espresso, but should not “take” one. (It sounds like you’re gonna steal it!)

Later one of them said “let’s go to a walk” & I had to explain that unlike a coffee, you do “take” a walk. English! I can't take it anymore!

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