Sequoia McDowell

Computer Systems Analyst

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If you have a software development problem you'd like solved, need fast and reliable support for your OSS based project, or if you'd like to improve your team's ability to effectively use modern tools and practices, contact me and I'll let you know if I can help!


I have experience teaching programming tools and practices in both corporate and non-profit contexts. In addition to running trainings, I've done content work ranging from content updates & technical review to ground-up curriculum authoring and hands-on instruction for clients such as O'Reilly and IBM/StrongLoop.

I can quickly bring your team up to speed and provide hands-on training on topics including:

Training Testimonials

Great job of efficiently explaining and visualizing concepts in minimalistic fashionโ€”and having the start / done repos per slide deck!

- Nate Dickison, Web Usability Analyst, Rockwell Collins

[Sequoia] walking around asking if people needed help was pretty awesome, considering most of the dev folks (read 'me') can be a bit introverted, and not ask for help outright.

- Ajit Anthony Kannanaikkal, MTS III Engineer, Verizon Inc.

Great work with the slides and exercises. I can tell a lot of thought was put into it and it shows. It was great how Sequoia kept walking around seeing if we had any questions.

- Justine Lam, Web Developer, ShareProgress

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Software Development

With experience across multiple platforms including JavaScript/HTML/CSS, Node.js, Java, and PHP, I am able to jump into a wide variety of technical environments and become productive quickly. Whether you need someone to take full ownership of a project from kickoff to delivery, expert advice on picking technologies and writing a development plan, or you need help putting out fires ASAP, I can help.

Technologies I am experienced with include:

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ Contact me about Software Development.

Open Source Help Desk

Open Source Software is great! No licensing fees, free community support, and constant innovation.

You may find, however, that when you're completely stuck, "free community support" doesn't cut it. After hours or days spent seeking help on forums, mailing lists, and Github issue trackers, it becomes clear that the old "pay for software/get access to a professional help-desk" model wasn't all bad!

My Open Source Help Desk services fill that gap. When you are using Express, Laravel, React, or another popular framework and you need your support request moved to the front of the line and resolved fully, I can help. Platforms I can provide Help Desk support for include JavaScript (browser), Node.js, and PHP. I have expert level experience with a variety of frameworks using these platforms including Express.js, Laravel, and LoopBack, and I'm able to support any OS JavaScript framework as long as its documentation is available online.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ Contact me for one-time help or to arrange ongoing availability