Node 2-Day Training

Backround on this training

This training was prepared for FluentConf 2016. It has not been updated much since so not everything will be up to date.

As this content was prepared as an interactive, hands-on training with lectures and exercises, looking at the slides only provides a small part of the content. If you'd like to follow along with the exercises, refer to the code on slides with a red right border.




Original Training Description

If you write backend code and want to find out how Node.js can complement your stack or if you write frontend JavaScript and want to learn how to leverage your skills on the server, this training is for you. Sequoia McDowell walks participants through an overview of the Node ecosystem using lectures and practical exercises. You’ll leave with a working application or two.

Topics covered include:

We’ll cover a lot in this training, so in addition to the training itself, participants get ongoing access to all the slides and code examples for reference in the weeks after the training. No need to take exhaustive notes; you can always go back and see that thing you missed!